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Our marketing campaigns are executed with lead generation, sales conversions, and the delight of your visitors in mind.


Our content and marketing campaign include the following:

  • Researched keywords for SEO optimization 

  • SEO enhanced meta title, meta description, and URL for search engines to read and index quickly

  • A captivating title, value statement and sub-titles to grab and hold your visitor’s attention and enable them to scan your pages

  • A 750-word article made up of at least three sections

  • Clear and crisp text for the reader to enjoy and understand

  • Two images that include a relevant fact, stat, or quote with SEO-optimized alt text: Great for social media!

  • A call to action geared to transform your visitor into a lead or to make a sale directly

  • Multiple posts with hashtags on LinkedIn to build your professional audience

  • A Grammarly edit for spelling and structure

  • Our personal, human edit to make sure everything looks great

Our Content Process:

  1. We research your top competitors to determine their main keywords, landing pages, and google ads to see who they believe is buying their product and what they like about it.

  2. Our research is geared to determining: Who are we talking to? What are their goals, frustrations, and challenges, and how can your business help them succeed?

  3. We hold a recorded zoom meeting about the topic of the article. Important points are transcribed for thoroughness and accurateness in the article itself. Product points are added to an ongoing “talking points” file so we can put all future articles in a continually greater context.

  4. Based on your product and your competitors, we conduct full research to find the best keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  5. We research your competitor’s web pages to see where we can present your product as the best choice on the market.


content process


  1. We use a lot of metaphors to simplify complex concepts and give your message a little oomph.
  2. Keep your readers interested by including stories, humor, and emotional arguments.
  3. Small paragraphs make it fun and simple for your readers to devour your content and get to your calls to action.
  4. Powerful value statement, meta description, bullet points, and call to action so your traffic can find you and see what you are about by scanning your pages if they want.
  5. Multiple edits for grammar and clarity. You get the final round of edits.
content process


Web Traffic and LinkedIn Campaigns to get Targeted Professionals to Discover You


LinkedIn Campaign

  • We take your articles and repost them on LinkedIn
  • Every article is accompanied with a series of posts to be shared in your expanding network
  • The most relevant and popular hashtags are used in your posts
  • Increase the people in your network with new invitations to connect and followers
  • Engage with influencers and connect with potential leads
  • Message new connections to discover what they want and when they can join you on a sales call at their convenience

Paid Traffic

On a simple budget, we can bring hundreds of people from your targeted audience to your web pages.

  • Taboola for native advertising
  • PPC Campaigns to boost traffic from Google and Bing search engines
  • General traffic and increased backlinks for improved SEO
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