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We have developed content and outreach for marketing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cybersecurity, Databases, Mobile Application Testing, HealthTech, Israeli High Tech, Social/Political/Religious perspectives, and more...
Five Key Ways a Custom Web Application is Built to Last Long

Five Key Ways a Custom Web Application is Built to Last Long

A custom web application holds five key qualities to keep it future-proof and running well over the long haul so you don't need costly fixes or to replace it.

Center Stage Content Product Video on a NoSQL Database

RavenDB: The Right Data Storage Solution for Today’s Information
Product Video

An explainer video for RavenDB, a non-relational (NoSQL) document database using animation and voiceover.  

Convert Visual FoxPro to the Cloud

Writing Sample: How Secure DevOps Attracts New Users instead of New Hackers

The pace of change in CI/CD environments is so rapid, security vulnerabilities emerge faster than they can be detected. Skilled hackers are now increasingly targeting DevOps. Your engineering team still must be able to deploy fast and improve continuously, but without compromising the security of your application.


SeeTest Automation for Mobile Application Testing
Product Video

An explainer video for a tool to test applications to work over desktops, tablets, and smartphones of all types.

Center Stage Content Article on Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Business' Data

Why are so Many NoSQL Databases Getting Hacked?
Company Article / Blog Post

When 100,000 instances of our competitor's database were hacked into and ransacked, we warned businesses about what was happening and how to avoid their own data from getting hijacked.


In 1996 I canceled my New-York-times subscription because of the internet

I created one of the first websites in 1996 for my custom software company. I would cancel my New York Times subscription because the internet made it obsolete. 

Customer satisfaction starts with support

TechSee: How Customer Satisfaction Starts with Support
Company Article / Blog Post

By taking the next step in your digital transformation, you can reduce customer headaches and business costs while increasing customer retention.


Three Emails, the Original and My Edited Version
Content Editing / Email Sequence

A third-party email marketer was tasked with writing these emails and followups. Here is how I turned them into a powerful email sequence.

Center Stage Content Company Article on Cybersecurity and protecting your company infrastructure

Why Businesses Must Continuously Test Their Security Controls
Company Article / Blog Post

Information predators always look for new ways to penetrate even the most reliable security solutions. Unless you constantly check to see if they have made headway, you might wake up one day to some surprises.

Center Stage Content article on how applications keep the same resolutions every new year's eve.

Keeping Our New Year’s Resolution: A Lean Database
Company Article / Blog Post

Just like the most common new year's resolution among humans is to lose weight, for any application, it's also to be as lightweight as possible, saving the client as much memory as it can. 

Center Stage Content Article on health tech and managing diabetes

Diabetes Doesn't Have to Hold You Back from Success
Company Article / Blog Post

Having to test your blood glucose levels and take insulin can be a challenge, but diabetes doesn't have to keep you from advancing in anything you want, especially with an all-in-one Smart Tool to manage all of your diabetic needs quickly and conveniently.

Center Stage Content White Paper on comparing MongoDB and a rival in NoSQL Database

RavenDB vs. MongoDB: A NoSQL Database Comparison
White Paper

This White Paper compares RavenDB vs. MongoDB to see which NoSQL Database is the best. We compare performance, security, cluster setup, SQL integration, and more.

Center Stage Content White Paper on a NoSQL Database as a point of sale solution.

RavenDB as a Point of Sale Database
White Paper

Databases can be in central locations, and they can be inside cash registers or in a hub taking in data from all registers in the store. See how you can ingest and analyze data even at the point of sale. 

Center Stage Content Article on the value of Amazon's self-inflicted loss of canceling paying customers.

The simple way to bring down Amazon
Media Article

Forget the left-wing vs. right-wing arguments about Amazon. Its decision to prohibit profit-making applications from using its cloud violates its fiduciary obligations to its shareholders. 

Center Stage Content Media Article on the ROI on an American-Israeli Hybrid.

The ROI on an American-Israeli Hybrid
Media Article

Over 200,000 American citizens currently live in Israel. Many of them are improving upon their American work style with an Israeli add-on, transforming them into a hi-tech powerhouse the world has never seen. article on Mobile Testing's Role in Keeping People Alive

Mobile Testing's Role in Staying Alive
Media Article

Mobile technology is poised to extend the life expectancy of everybody by using top-of-the-line smart tools communicating with mobile health apps. We will all enjoy healthier and longer lives while paying less in the process. The role of mobile testing makes sure this is a safe progression by giving your apps a clean bill of health.

Center Stage Content Media article on how mobile application testing tools deliver big for pizza restaurants.

Mobile Testing Delivers Big for Pizza
Media Article

Using a mobile application, you can order exactly the type of pizza you like, and it will be delivered to your location whenever you want. There are few businesses better suited for a perfectly working mobile app and few businesses where functional perfection is so vital to its success.

Center Stage Content Article on how the best database is the most boring.

The Best Database is The Most Boring Ever
Media Article

Why should your database keep you busy? Your database should simplify life for you - transforming the Roaring 20’s into the Boring 20’s.

Center Stage Content Medium post on how you can defeat inflation with a cup of coffee.

Defeat Inflation with a Cup of Coffee
Medium Post

You can still beat inflation even if your income isn’t keeping up. How you can personally turn away inflation without taking any risk.

Center Stage Content article on the

Where’s the Beef? Mobile Testing for the Internet of Things
Company Article / Blog Post

One of the risks we take with the IoT is that we are ceding control over our safety, our time, our surrounding environment, even the functions within our own body . . . to machines. There are tremendous advantages to these innovations, but to enjoy them, everything must work perfectly.

Center Stage Content explains in this article how a Jew never kneels before anyone -- only God.

A Jew never kneels
Media Article

Our grandparents weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They came into the world we know with a number tattooed on their arm. They started emaciated, sickly, battling constant mental horror. Did they ever ask the Germans to kneel? They were too busy building a life for themselves and their children.

Center Stage Content Analysis on the attempted ban on the hit Israeli series Fauda by the BDS movement.

BDS Cries Fauda, But Why?
Media Article

One of my friends on Facebook recommended to me a television show that describes our slice of the Middle East perfectly. The show was Fauda, and the man who recommended it to me was a Palestinian from Bethlehem. Now the BDS wants to boycott it. Talk about chaos.

Center Stage Content ties in kindness, good personal traits, the Divine Service, and becoming a trusted and effective salesperson.

The Key to Selling
Media Article

When you convince a prospect that you are doing it for nothing, they drop their defenses and are ready to listen to you sincerely. To become a salesman, you have to work for free. For those selling luxury jet planes, you can exhale: As long as your prime motivation is to serve, people won’t feel like they are being sold.

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