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Writing Sample: TechSee, How Consumer Satisfaction Starts with Support

By taking the next step in your digital transformation, you can reduce customer headaches and business costs while increasing customer retention.

Whether you are a customer or a support agent, the traditional way of resolving issues is like tiptoeing through a minefield. The process is built to be painstaking and slow, with total catastrophe lurking beneath every step.

The customer, usually in some emergency when he first makes contact, has to wait on hold until an available representative is ready. Then they have to explain the problem by describing the moving parts of a machine or device they are not familiar with.

The support agent will try the most common solutions. It makes sense when you can resolve 90% of problems by using these answers. But for most calls, it will take several attempts before the problem is solved. If the problem persists, the customer has to wait for a live technician.

Product Support is a customer-administered test you can’t afford to fail.

A third of your customers will consider leaving you after just one instance of poor customer service. The amount of money American companies lose like this is equal to the economy of Hungary.

Using the Latest Technology to Optimize the Experience 

What if you could digitally transform your support system so your customer never had to describe anything and you could fix the issue on the spot?

TechSee enables you to save money and enhance the reputation of your business by making your customer’s life easier right when they need you the most.

For example, your customer is having a problem with his internet router. He contacts his internet provider, and the ISP uses TechSee to handle product issues.

The customer doesn’t have to download an app, register for support, or log in to a site. He gets prompted to take a picture of the router with his Smartphone. Using AI, TechSee will diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

It’s that simple.

By sending an image, the customer doesn’t have to describe anything. TechSee will send back the image with annotated instructions overlayed, so he can solve it immediately.

If the problem is more severe, it will require human eyes. But by the time the customer speaks with a live agent, the agent will have seen all the images of the device and know everything that TechSee already tried.

A Support Solution for You and Your Customers


While your customers get their answers quickly, you save money. You don’t have to deploy technicians or third-party contractors as frequently. You don’t need additional staff because you can resolve most issues with automation.

In a nontrivial number of on-site visits, a live technician will drive to a customer, only to discover nothing wrong. By walking people through solutions remotely and with visual guidance, you save on unnecessary trips.

The greatest benefit to your business is better customer satisfaction and retention. A good support experience usually results in a satisfied customer, a loyal customer, even a brand ambassador.

TechSee underwrites these gains by providing new ways to make life easy for everyone.

TechSee in Action

Products come in different shapes and sizes, as do their problems.

TechSee can serve the full spectrum of product support:

  • A major telecom integrated TechSee’s visual engagement platform into its contact center systems for its 2,600 agents. Technician dispatches plummeted by 26%.

  • One company saw its customer base expand rapidly, resulting in a sharp increase in support calls. TechSee enabled them to delight new customers by instantly resolving their installation, setup, and configuration challenges.

  • A coffee machine manufacturer uses TechSee to arm their army of baristas to fix malfunctioning machines before their thirsty clientele opts for Starbucks.

  • Another telecom company uses TechSee to require all technicians to take pictures of their completed job so they won’t have to come back to solve the same problem.

Using TechSee in your support creates limitless ways to delight your customers, their customers, and the bottom line of your organization.

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